The Ultimate Troopy: 80 series + 75 series + LS v8 = LSJ155


Maybe. Asking anyone how much they paid for something is generally in bad taste. A dollar to one person means something entirely different to another. I'd take freedom and a decent income over wealth and chains.
It costs what it’s worth.


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since this was a very public build and clearly the builder is trying to run a business, I figured it wouldn't be totally out of line. obviously not. answering the question was also obviously optional (I never expected an answer), the snide remarks that followed were also optional.
there was no offense meant.

again your excellent craftsmanship is apparent and I commend you for your skill and commitment.
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My mind explodes just looking at the display of parts as I realize I have no idea what they are and where they go for a majority of them.

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Wow indeed. A lot of labor going into this project.

I'd be interested to know how much a project like this costs in total.
I love how people will act like this is some sort of question that shouldn’t be asked. Ridiculous. As if I had a million bucks burning a hole in my pocket I wouldn’t ask if this build was going to eat up 8% or 15% of it. Totally valid question.

Great build. Great work. Can’t wait to read more.
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I am always in awe of builds like this. Beautiful job. BTW, glad you hired Adam. He was a great help to me about 5 years ago at Torfab. Very nice guy.



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There are two things I don’t discuss in public concerning a build,

Cost and the owners identity. Both, the owner is free to share if they want. I respect people’s right to privacy and ask my clients if they are ok with me sharing their builds before I share anything.

If you are serious about doing a build like this feel free to call and discuss what you are after, we will see if we can make it happen.



Would've been nice to just admire (or not) and move on to the next thread. Try the tent, oil, air pressure or RTT threads for conversation?

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