The Ultimate Rally Movie Now In Production! THE ULTIMATE RACING BET!


The Minority Racer
After many years of extreme hard work, a well known international film and production company has made a smart investment in the Ultimate Rally, a unique film about the real truth about racing and putting everything on the line to make things happen! This film debuts in 2015 in the Americas, Europe and Scandinavia. This film will reveal what a Minority Racer had to deal with in the cut throat world of racing and all the unbelievable things he had to do to pull off the Ultimate Rally. There has never been a race such as this one, and due to the locations it can't be copied making the film a must see!

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The Minority Racer
Sometimes you have to put it all on the line...

You can have all the money in the world, but the right Contactos are what make things happen in the Ultimate Rally Race. :sombrero:


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The Minority Racer
The Ultimate Rally Girl takes on the Ultimate Rally challenge

The Ultimate Rally films would like to welcome the Ultimate Rally girl, who will star in the Ultimate Rally films. The casting was extremely hard but she really impressed us with her unique real life and street racing stories. In high school she worked really hard to make money to modify her Fast and the Furious style Eclipse the way she wanted to, now she is going to show the world what it takes to be a Female Minority Racer and survive the Ultimate Rally through the toughest terrains both tarmac and off-road. Felicidades y Bienvenida!

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The Minority Racer
The Ultimate Rally Couple from the Global Panama to Alaska Rally say hello

Wow! Word spreads fast, we just got a big hello from Geoff and Jennie, the Ultimate Rally couple from the UK, who met Ponce, the Minority Racer, back in 2008 at the Official Global Panama to Alaska Rally when Ponce got them out of a pickle when their 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce broke down in Guanajuato, Guanajuato Mexico. This was a true Ultimate Rally priceless experience and new international friendship. Geoff and Jennie continue to rally all over the world, they wished us good luck with the film and sent us this picture from a recent 3000 mile rally from the UK to Slovenia in their 1929 Frazer Nash. Thank you Geoff & Jennie and see next year in Europe!

Official Global Panama to Alaska Rally 2008 - The Ultimate Rescue



The Minority Racer
KC HiLites products in the Ultimate Rally movie

More gear for the World Rally Team Jeep King Cherokee aka the Mexi-Can and some props have arrived for THE ULTIMATE RALLY MOVIE. Thank you KC HiLites, Inc..

KC HiLites Website

Click here to see the KC Pro-Sport Series lights

Click here to see the KC LED Flashlights a must have in any adventure!
and the KC LED Worklight Flashlights

Click here to see the new KC Cyclone LED lights

Click here to check out the KC HiLites C Series LED Lightbars

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The Minority Racer


The Minority Racer
Jeep gets a WRC FIA homologated Fire Suppression System for a crazy stunt in a movie

The SPA TECHNIQUE FIA Homologated Fire Sense Suppression System is finally installed on the Jeep King Cherokee to make it ready for the upcoming stunts where anything can happen! This gear is specifically created for use in competition vehicles and offers the latest in on board fire suppression technology utilizing the SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) these non-toxic ozone friendly suppression systems give the competitor the same level of protection used in WRC cars and World Cup Cross-Country rally vehicles. Thank you SPA Technique for your support. Click here to check out this bad *** anti fire gear:



The Minority Racer
The Ultimate gear has arrived from Hannemann Fiberglass, Nates 4x4 & KC HiLites

Some more gear has arrived for the Jeep King Cherokee that will be featured in the Ultimate Rally movie.

Huge thanx to Hal of Hannemann Fiberglass who sent us some new rear Baja fenders.

Nathan McCann of NATES 4x4 OFFROAD FABRICATORS fabricated a custom size roof rack that mounted with ease! Thank you Nathan, this Jeep roof rack is going to be very useful for the 2 films.

We also mounted the new KC HiLites C series light bar. Thank you KC HiLites for your support on this unique film project.
The other lights mounted on the pre-runner light bar are teh KC Hilites Pro HID 640 Off road and 641 Driving


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Ponce is an absolute character and a gentleman... We had the pleasure of his services and company on the MAYA rally... He escorted our group through the nastier sections of the USA to Mexico border, made our border crossings an absolute breeze and introduced some of us first time Mexico travelers to the finer cuisine of Mexico.. When in doubt.. Go with the skinny pedal..bongo..