The transformation of Ivan the Xterrable


Yep,that's a scratch.
Just got my "04 Xterra after spending 3 years on the bike ("99 Roadstar).
Divorce and bankruptcy will do that to you.

Going to be an off road/camping rig so modification is necessary.

Doing body lift and cheap suspension lift to fit 33" tires first.
Bought body lift pucks and being a machinist I made my own rear spring shackles.

Still need a few things,about two weeks away from doing lifts.
More to follow.

Oh and a cool score. I get points for safety meetings at work,can turn them in for stuff.
So I got a cool 12v cooler/warmer,not sure how good it is but free is free.

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Yep,that's a scratch.
Well have everything for BL/PML except bolts for shackles and time to do it.

And just had to take it in the dirt.

Pretty sure it's the first time it's been off road and actually used the transfer case.
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Yep,that's a scratch.
Finally got around to doing the body lift.

All went great except should have checked upper radiator hose better,little to tight.

$150 later and all is well.
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I love that colour. I actually was really close to buying one exactly like yours, but I had to wait to sell my car and by the time it sold it was gone. Look forward to the build!
Hey from another North Florida X'er. Welcome!

I know all about Divorce and Bankruptcy buddy, we should get together and drowned our sorrows one day :)

You being a machinist might come in handy.
good looking X,getting ready too order my lift but would rather make my own shackles instead of buying them,i like how you made those shackles pretty simple idea, did you get a random bl pucs from any vehicle or vehicle specific


Nice looking X! I'm a fan of that color on the first gens. Let's see that lift on there and let us know how it goes!


Yep,that's a scratch.
All in all I'm really happy with how it's going.
Lifted front by adjusting torsion bars to PML spec's,left him with a 3/4" rake,shackles I made would add another 1 1/8.
Didn't put them on,may not until I get new UCA's and low profile bump stops for front.

Next up,skid plates and sliders.