The story of the BMW R80 G/S


Aside from being the first (BMW at least), I'm not sure the R80GS isn't the best GS. Decent offroad capability and 410 pounds wet. Today's adventure bikes all approach/surpass 500 pounds. I'm sure the current generation GS is a much better touring bike, but I would imagine the tougher and tighter the trail, the R80GS starts looking pretty good. And yet nobody has been able to recreate, on a large scale, and similar twin cylinder bike anywhere near the weight of this 35 year old bike. I was hoping the new 700cc Yamaha might get close, but that one is looking like it is more likely to be over 450 pounds. If I ever find a good deal on an R80GS or a Cagiva Elefant, and have the finds ready, I will grab one.