The Original CRAP STRAP - No it didn't take a year......


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Just wanted to post some insight into my product. The ORIGINAL CRAP STRAP:

NO - It did not take year to develop.
NO - It did not take an engineer to design.
NO - I didn't use CAD to do the drawing; a napkin was more then enough.
NO - You do NOT need to be fat and lazy to use it.

YES - It makes it easier. You could squat or lean against a tree or log, but it is easier with a strap - try it! Just remember, you must trust the strap and lean back.
YES - You could just use a rope, chain, belt or purchase all of the items you would need at the hardware store. Go right ahead, that is fine by me.
YES - You can wrap more then just trees, truck bumpers, telephone poles, fence post.......even your buddy!
YES - The Original Crap Strap has fuzzy for comfort for the small of your back, a bag to hold toilet paper, hand sanitizer or anything else you will need.
YES - You can use it for other things. One of my customer's takes his strap when snowmobiling and used it as a tow rope to get a broke down snowmobile out of the woods.
YES - There is a warning label, pick something strong and secure to wrap - because you don't want to fall in your own poop and then have the tree fall on you! Oh, make sure it is a trusted buddy.

Just remember, The Original Crap Strap is the best gift for the person who has everything, including yourself.

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You are right - Good point! And if they did have everything, then they could just use the toilet........:)


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All I can say is I wish you the best of luck- it takes guts to develop any product and get it to market, especially in today's business climate. Congrats :beer:

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