The OFFICIAL Overland Expo EAST 2014 Thread!


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Thanks for the replies, I will hope for the best but since I've already paid for camping would like to stay on site.
I believe part of the reason may very well be for the safety of your vehicle. Most automobiles have relatively low clearance and 2WD. Since this is a working farm with pastures not composed of packed soil and subject to rain (predicted on Friday), compounded with varying gradients I think this is probably a very good policy to protect guests non-4WD vehicles.

I'm fairly certain if you have gear to haul to your selected campsite someone will volunteer to help haul it out there. This is typically a helpful community.


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Oh workerdrone - you actually have a car, sorry for the misinformation, I presumed your car was your 4WD rig. I owe you a cold one.


^You're on in either case :) I really appreciate that folks will be happy to help haul, I'm just used to being self sufficient and a car next to a tent is a very nice upgrade - electric supply, nice secure storage, mirror and light for the ladies, ease of setting up and especially breaking down camp, etc.


Looking forward to this event. Myself and several Sportsmobile folks will be joining in. I'm actually surprised at how many say they're coming since they are almost nonexistent in the Southeast. Me and my b***h are headed up Friday afternoon...........Which leads to my question for the powers that be...........

Are dogs OK? :sombrero: See what I did there? :sombrero: It will just be me and my copilot Rudy this trip and she will stay at camp, but I did want to hear that word officially. Sorry if I missed it in the thread as I haven't kept up with all 20 something pages.

Also, I payed via Paypal and have no proof. I suppose I could print something off but I didn't see an option for that. I know I'm probably not alone, so can someone shed some light on how it will be at the gate? I paid for weekend camping and entry, but I don't want to show up and be turned away due to lack of a ticket or paper I didn't know about. Can someone fill me in?

Thanks, see you guys there.


If you go to Mile High, ask for one of the spots with a view (forgot the numbers). The view is incredible.

There is also an unimproved road/ trail you can take that starts at the top of the mountain and heads towards Clingmans dome.

The campground is officially alcohol free, but as long as you aren't being annoying you'll be fine.


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Roughly how much space is allotted for each camping site? And what is the best way for folks (SEES) to camp near each other?
This morning I aquired NothingClever's FWC Fleet in Tampa and I'm headed north to Asheville. I'm excited to be joining everyone. However the stock suspension on my Taco isn't up to the job. It will get me there ok, but the nose of the truck has been pointing towards the rain clouds all day.

I had ordered Boss airbags (after reading Jonathan's write ups) but they had not arrive in time before I had to head south. NothingClever was short on time and I was many miles away.

Does anyone know of a local (to Asheville) Firestone or Boss suspension airbag dealer that would have these in stock to fit my Tacoma (2007 4L 4x4)?

What about an official Overland Expo East Exhibitor? Anyone looking for a real world example to do a demo suspension upgrade?

Please PM me or post here. Your help is very much appreciated.


Heres half of your questions!
Are dogs OK? :sombrero: See what I did there? :sombrero: It will just be me and my copilot Rudy this trip and she will stay at camp, but I did want to hear that word officially.
Can I bring my dog(s)?
Yes! We try to be pet-friendly. However, because of a dog bite incident last year, we have some new rules:

All dog owners (Day Passes and Overland Experience) must sign a rules/waiver form.

Dogs must be leashed, quiet, and cleaned-up-after at all times.

NO "zip" leashes (the retractable kind); this is so dogs do not lunge unexpectedly at kids or other dogs.

Aggressive dogs will be banned, this includes fighting other dogs, barking, or showing unsocial behavior.

Do NOT leave any pet (or child!) in a vehicle at any time—it will be hotter than you think, and it is fatal.

This is from the Overland Expo Facts page. I knew I saw it somewhere!:ylsmoke:
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So, officially, I can't bring my car into the camping area. That's....a.....bummer
We're willing to take a look at the situation on the ground when you arrive. If there is room in the first area we're using for trailers and larger vehicles, you might be okay. However, the preservation of the turf on the ranch is definitely our first concern.

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Also, I payed via Paypal and have no proof. I suppose I could print something off but I didn't see an option for that.
Yes - the website instructions specify that you must print your Paypal receipt and bring it. Should be easy for you to go back in and do. Even a screen capture.

Dogs are welcome. However, this is a working farm with stock in nearby fields, so your dog must be on a leash at all times. You definitely would not want him running into one of the Texas longhorn bulls Taylor Ranch raises.


I'm local and trying to decide whether to get a day pass for Sat or Sun. They're a good bit cheaper on Sun, is there something happening Sat to justify the higher price? Don't wanna miss something if it's worth it.