The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats


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@MG -- looks like Base-Fab is getting out of the Sienna seat business. Are you still making adapters at all?

If not -- are the CAD files available anywhere or are they protected IP from either you or Base-Fab now? Would love to get one stationary and one swivel made.

Otherwise, I guess I'll have to learn how to weld!


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Looking for rear mounts for the Sienna recliners in my 2019 PM 2500. Any leads on where I could purchase 2 mounts? Thanks!



Looking for rear mounts for the Sienna recliners in my 2019 PM 2500. Any leads on where I could purchase 2 mounts? Thanks!
I have a brand new set of stationary mounts for the Sienna seats. I ended up using Sienna seats for the front and bought different bases. Interested?

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Good morning folks. I have (2) Sienna leather buckets with MG bases installed available. Grey leather. They were my back seats and have seen very little use. Let me know if you are interested. In Southern California.


Grey/black Sienna recliner seats. Comes with universal mounting bases already mounted to them.

$1200/pair (local pick up).

Sienna 4.JPGSienna 5.JPG


The bases that are bolted on right now look like this...


I have a set of used "tall" universal mounts (~3" taller) that I could swap over to.

I also have set of Eseries driver/passenger seat adapters (non-swivel type) left over from another project. Those would be $595 extra. (they look like this...)
front.JPGDSC_1116 (800x536).jpg

I don't make the Sienna bases any more, this is all just stuff I have left over in the shop. I actually have two pairs of seats to sell but I'm currently using one pair until my new Scheel-Mann seats show up.


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Thanks. Can’t pull the trigger just yet after spending on turbo upgrades but was curious how the sliders look.

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I posted this in its own thread but since this one is on the topic of seats and mounting options. This is something new we designed for all of the Ford E-Series folks....
This is a link to the thread:



I still have the pair of seats with "short" bases but now I have another pair of recliner seats I just pulled out of my Transit with "tall" bases ready to go. Same grey/black recliners like pictured in my previous posts.

Two pairs available
$1200/pair (local pick up) or $1500/pair shipped (within lower 48).

Here's a picture of the tall bases.