The new 7.3 - how is it


Just exploring for some info. Wondering what folks think of the 7.3. Curious how it has performed, what sort of mileage you are seeing (please specify loaded or not, highway/city, hills or flat, since this country is vast), reliability, etc...

Thanks :) Just looking at some other options still to make a decision.


I have 10,000 miles on my 7.3 f250, zero problems. Overall I real like it, I get 14 to 15 mpg on the highway which I don’t think is bad for a huge truck with 4:30 gears and 35 inch tires. The 7.3 has plenty of power and hardkey downshifts on hills or pulling a load. Engine is real simple and easy to change the oil on.


Just drove 1300 miles from coastal bend of Texas to central IL yesterday and today. 80 mph Tx, 75-80 Ok, 80 Mo and 70 IL . Overall 13.6 mpg. 7.3 4.30s and 35” tires. hand calculated from actual distance by google maps. Speedo off by 5mph. 5-7 mpg pulling this 33ft boat at 55mph


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My MIL has a 7.3L in her Class C motorhome she bought last fall. Its an E450 chassis and the 7.3L is detuned compared to the Superduty. I think its 350hp/46x torque and it has the old 6 speed instead of the 10 speed.

I drove it around Utah and Wyoming anywhere from 6500-9000’ of elevation. It was very stout and had zero issue moving that 14000 lb motorhome around. Set the cruise control to 75 mph on I-80 and it just went with no drama up 7% grades, into a headwind.

I am sure its that much better with the 10 speed.


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Guys, I know you're being casual about to but 13 to 15 is better than the new Powerstroke and Cummins are getting. Hell it's better than the 10mpg my 6.0 Vortec turd gets by a mile. All while delivering 50% more torque. Wow.
My 6.0 Chevy gets 14mpg highway on bald 33’s.