The most exciting adventure you've exprienced


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The most exciting adventure you've exprienced in your life?Y?Can you share some? And i want to learn more about that.
I guess you can look at all the threads in the completed threads column. You can read people's stories there.

You should share some of yours also. Where are yours? How about a brief introduction of you and your own exciting adventures. Share your stories. And then people will share theirs. or you can read the completed threads to see amazing adventures.

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The most exciting adventure you've exprienced in your life?Y?Can you share some? And i want to learn more about that.
2200 mile race SF to Oahu. No auto pilot, no cruise control, no engine, just 4 guys driving and trimming sails. Overlanding seems completely tame and plush in comparison.


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South Pole Traverse on ground never traveled before. This Piston Bully is equipped with ground penetrating radar searching for covered crevasses. Time from reality well spent.

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I drove from Ohio to Colorado/Utah solo in September of 2008. Ended up with an unexpected 3 weeks off work, so I loaded up my Jeep and took off. I was only 29 but had a blast and even though my family thought I was nuts, it was a trip I'll never forget.


Two experiences stick out for me but both were on the water.
Back in 1995 I raced the SORC and the race from St. Pete to Miami was during a storm...rounding the Dry Tortugas at 2 AM the halyard jammed and I had to go to the top of the mast (85') to fix it in 5-8 foot seas. Got the **** beat out of me but my harness saved me.
This past January my wife and I kayaked the entire Florida Keys. Had lots of stormy weather with winds approaching 30 knots but it was a challenging and very memorable experience.
Looking forward to some land based experiences in the future.


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Great,let me share mine. Six years ago,i was sitting in a car,and the drive were driving along the Cliff,suddenly,i heard a voice"dangrous,jump out the car!"I was confused then but i decided to jumpt the car, then i saw the car dropped into Cliff in seconds.


WOW!! That's a tough question. I've don a LOT of STUFF!!!

PLACES that I wish I could GO BACK and SEE AGAIN ...

1. Western USA/ Canada. Oregon to British Columbia.
Stick to the coast mostly, but veer inwards to catch the Cascades and north to the great mountains in BC.
See Squamish and the coast around Victoria (which is on the Island). AND if I had time, I would keep going
North into the MacKenzie country. Now that's a TRIP!!

2. The back roads in Kenya, along the Border with Tanzania. Joining UP Tsavo Park, Amboseli, past
Kilimajaro, and then into Tanzania to Ngorogoro. You've got to DO THIS! But I warn you, some of those
roads are prone to armed banditry. You take your chances!

3. Northern New Zealand - doesn't get many visitors. But I always loved the isolated beaches with
rough surf that go for miles. You can drive on them. I'm talking north of Auckland, all of the way
to the tip of the North Island. And explore the forests up there too. Coming back down,
take a boat trip to the Poor Knights Islands. Throw on a Scuba Mask and see some absolutely
amazing underwater scenery. I will never forget that place!

Just some suggestions that people seem to do pretty rarely.



For us our best expedition was trip to Central Asia on our old ford bronco. We made 25 000 km and were 5 months on the route. Driving through Georgia, Armenia, Azebajdzan, Kazachstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan (Pamir), Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey. It was great time for us and wish we are on the route again :)

Our trip map:

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here is topic on expedition portal about our trip:


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