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Brian McVickers

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Expedition Portal would like to thank The last US Bag Company for supporting our community.

Located in Vancouver Washington, LUSB operates a full service manufacturing facility with capabilities ranging from laser and CNC cutting, embroidery, cut and sew, and custom products design. For consumers they focus on and provide outdoor recreation products specific to overlanding and camping. For industry they provide heavy lifting and organization bags.

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Here is a bit more about their approach to making quality products:
"Made In The USA
Our DNA is building product domestically, and we continue to invest in equipment, people, and education to continue manufacturing in the United States. While years of textile production were in decline in the US, we have steadily grown our footprint to offer a sophisticated domestic manufacturing option that makes product development and manufacturing seamless and on time.
When thinking about domestic manufacturing, remember that the financial equation in making your decision should truly reflect the context of what it means to make in the US. Automation, efficiency in the form of LEAN and Six Sigma, and rapid technology advancements are overcoming the financial barriers to building in the US when considered against all costs of going overseas. While the labor gap is still large, it is narrowing and making US manufacturing a very viable option for many products and companies.
The LUSB factory in Vancouver, WA utilizes technology advances to bridge smaller volume orders and paves the way for larger volume production as well. We encourage all those curious about building in the US to contact us for a brief survey on your needs. We look forward to helping you in your drive for excellence."
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Thanks for stepping in.
I am sort of oldschool, always used canvas.
Estex, Klein, GMP, etc. I should check out your stuff.
That's all good stuff! We make canvas products as well, typically as an OEM for other companies.