The Epic 2014 Dakar - only 3 days left - click here for more info

Subject basically says it all. I was able talk Christophe into an article on the 2014 Dakar on the home page. Pretty exciting stuff!

I also found this article that covers Paulo Goncalves of Honda going up in flames. He basically wrecked (and there happened to be good coverage around him at the time to get photos / video) but he cracked on the tanks (a constant issue with the fiberglass tanks) and fuel gushed out, catching on fire, and his entire Dakar for 2014 burned up before his eyes.. The photos show it all. He was the 2013 world rally champion.. Really good guy, with massive eyebrows.. :sombrero:



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The Dakar is the only race and sport that I follow; I don't watch football, basketball, etc. I'm following the active threads on advrider; they have a thread for two wheeled and for the four wheeled and watching videos feeds from outside the US.


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Funny, this past weekend one of my neighbors commented on the Dakar sticker, of all the stickers covering my rear window. She said: "I like that sticker. What is it?"

So I grabbed my laptop and showed her videos of the Dakar Rally. She was amazed at the beauty of the landscape and at the challenging riding/driving the racers have to deal with.

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thanks Andre for posting this. I have not been able to follow as much as I wanted this year. I have had the privileges to be at the race in Dakar many years ago and can't wait to go to South America to watch it again.

Any source for recap videos online?
Yes I was just checking the ADVrider thread and there are a ton of links posted as of this afternoon starting at this page.

click through it 4-5 pages and you'll get more info and coverage than possible. There are also links to Spanish TV which will cover it live tomorrow. Keep in mind they start early though - 5AM!

I'll post up more info / links shortly. It's been riveting, in my opinion!


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Sad there is such hard to find coverage- I feel like I am in a safe house seeking illegal coverage ;-)
France seems to have the best coverage, but as stated above- thanks for the thread!!
GO DAKAR!!! Only event I follow as well….
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Yeah coverage sucks.... I dont have a tv recorder of any sort and its always on between 2-3am....

Tough break for Barreda today.
Extremely bummed on Barreda today...

This is one of several where he started pushing it too hard to try to catch up and started failing / crashing in the final areas.

1 002 COMA (ESP) KTM 052:40:16
2 004 VILADOMS (ESP) KTM 054:40:05 01:59:49
3 006 PAIN (FRA) YAMAHA 054:50:32 02:10:16
4 001 DESPRES (FRA) YAMAHA 054:54:17 02:14:01
5 007 RODRIGUES (PRT) HONDA 055:00:55 02:20:39
6 015 PRZYGONSKI (POL) KTM 055:17:39 02:37:23
7 003 BARREDA BORT (ESP) HONDA 055:45:10 03:04:54

More details here:

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Pretty good video covering some of the differences between the 2013 and 2014 KTMs and how they've had to up their game largely due to pressure from competitors like Honda...

I'm following the active threads on advrider they have a thread for two wheeled and for the four wheeled and watching videos feeds from outside the US.