The DiscoDavis Discovery 1 Mayhem Thread


Too bad you’re selling, I really enjoyed this thread. As you know, I have basically the same truck as yours and they are definitely awesome... and pretty damn rare!

So what’s next?

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Thanks :)

I find it harder to justify driving one and putting wear and tear on it, and the fuel cost is enormous each month if I am commuting a lot. They have good days where I enjoy the car a lot, you nail shift after shift and it is excellent. Other times less so, since I don't ever use it off road besides maybe putting stuff around a dirt lot with a tow strap. No reason at all to have a 4x4 doing what I have it doing now.

Next is either
>normal car, like a station wagon or small car something
>LR3 like my old one, at least then you get a lot more bang for your gas buck
>Another defender, want an HCPU (easier to fix than elizabeth, better economy, more useful, shares more parts with big yellow sister).


posted for sale here and elsewhere

Northern California
225k approximate ODO
$10k OBO
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Colin Hughes

My first D1 was 95 5-speed. Was great until downshifting one night - BAM - no fifth gear. As I was working at an independent LR shop at the time and we had an almost new ZF auto box there, we converted it to auto. Left the ECU for the manual in and it actually seemed to get a wee bit better mileage. The D1 had 440,000 km on it when it went to its next owner, engine only ever had valve cover gaskets and valley gasket replaced. Oh, and two vacuum advances. Both times I discovered they were gone when we hit the trails where it was much more noticeable and really, much more necessary. Always confused people when you lifted the hood and saw an auto trans dipstick and a clutch slave cylinder.

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