The Dirt Lab

Interior is finally complete

The Interior of the Dirt Lab is finished. It looks great and has everything we wanted ( and then some).

sink and fridge.jpg looking into the kitchen.jpg

fridge with drawers underneath.jpg deep drawers.jpg

The Kitchen is huge. The counter covers the Propane and storage bays. The refrigerator is a NovaCool and runs easily on solar. The 70 gallon freshwater tank is under the counter with a larger drawer above it. There are drawers behind the door, next to the sink. The garbage can is in the counter, by the sink. The 2 large drawers have a utensil drawer that slides back to provide access.
dinette into bed.jpg
The dinette is ready to go and easily converts to a queen sized bed. The cabinets under the dinette have storage below. I didn't repost the bathroom photos, they are shown in earlier posts.

The wife is happy to have all of her designs realized. The set-up will provide lots of storage and versatility.


Looks like it turned out great. Really enjoyed following your progress. Can we get some exterior photos? Please.


Addicted to Gear Oil
Glad that AuntieM is feeling better and ready to enjoy the hard work that you and her have put into the truck.

Very nice! That looks great. Is there a pass through/walk through to the cab?
We finished and Quickly hit the Road

:sombrero: With help from the Wonderful guys at Western Fabrication in Hesperia, Ca, we put the finishing touches on the Dirt Lab. They fabricated a large bay and Rear Bumper for us. They also finished the front bumper as well.

We also had the Bullet Proof upgrade installed including EGR and oil cooler. Flushed the Transmission, Transfer case and both Differentials. Drained the radiator, flushed with Restore and replaced with Shell Rottela ELC Ultra.

Our goal was to be in Mexico by Christmas. As I write, I am sitting in San Carlos Mexico. The rig is fantastic. It exceeded our expectations and so far we can't believe we were actually able to pull this off. Much of the credit goes to Mark Murray, Victorville, Ca. His hard work and dedication help us built our dream rig.

Happy Holidays......See you down the road!

Da Wulfes



Congrats! These projects turn into more work that most expect it seems, so to have it all completed must feel good. Safe travels!