The Deuce

Jesusgatos, you are using 80% used motor oil/20% gasoline in it? I hope you are filtering or centrifuging that motor oil really well; other wise you'll go thru a lot of fuel filters (hope you have triple filters) and eventually kill your pump and injectors.
I know it's a multifuel engine; it's all the insoluble crap in used oil that scares me. And eventually all the organometallic additives may produce injector and valve deposits...maybe.



I've only run used motor oil through it once (that first tank when I bought the truck), but yeah, I've got a nice little fuel-processing station in my trailer. It's not set up yet, but I've got a Spinner II centrifuge that will filter oil/fuel down to .1 microns or something ridiculous like that. I dunno, I don't even know what organometallic additives are. But I have a 93 gallon fuel tank down between the framerails in my trailer, and I'm planning on carrying a few 55 gallon drums that I'll be able to carry different types of fuel and oil and whatever else in. I think I'm going to arrange it so that ALL of the fuel I take on will go through the centrifuge, and then to any one of numerous holding tanks in the truck and/or trailer. I'm also going to replace the primary fuel filter for the engine with some kind of burlier filter (been looking at Racor). I'm only just now starting to learn about all this, but it's all pretty neat stuff. I'm using Radiant heat throughout the vehicle, so I'm going to plumb a loop to heat the fuel/oil-tanks. The goal is to be able to process and run reliably on just about anything. Whenever I start talking to people about this project, I feel like I have to tell them that I'm not an eco-nut. Hah.
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I am, thanks. That guy is up in Canada and he did a real nice job with that camper conversion, didn't he? There are some really cool things about the variety of M35-ish trucks they've got up there too. Like hydraulic front winches, and I really like the bead-locked wheels and 11.00 radials that they run. I just bought a set of similar tires for Mah Deuce, and I think I might end up having some of those wheels shipped down here. There is a metric ****-ton of good info about these vehicles over there on the steelsoldiers website. So it's Steelsoldiers for all the military-specific info, Pirate for all the drivetrain and general tech stuff, racedezert for inspiration and more tech, this site and a sprinkling of other motorhome / adventure websites for other stuff and whammo - there's Mah Deuce. I didn't know ANYTHING about these big old beasts this time last year, and now mine's 'almost done'...
I dunno, I don't even know what organometallic additives are. .
Organometallic additives in lube oil are the Calcium/magnesium based detergents and the ZDDP (zinc dithiodialkylphosphate) which when the oil is burned make 1-2% ash depending on the oil type. The ash may go through the motor, or make deposits on the injectors, valves or piston ring lands.
You should know this if you are going to burn a lot of used lube oil.