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deuce and a half

I use to ride in the back of one and sometimes I got to be the co-driver. No chance I want to own one on civvy street though. It was one thing to fuel it up on a Government of Canada credit card, there is no way I would want to feed it fuel on my dime. They are big, sprung for a full load, slow and you would have trouble crossing any border except Canada/US.
Check out steel soldiers if you are really interested but I don't think it is the ideal platform for expedition use unless you have a platinum card and never have to ask how much!
Just my 2 cents worth (CDN or US)


You are right about the fuel consumption. With diesel at $3.40 a gal its hard to imagine much expedition travel with these big trucks.





Expedition Leader
that's good to know! They are the plow trucks in Alta. Great old trucks, I would love to own one some day. Not sure what I woould ever use it for though! :arabia:

Grim Reaper said:
They run on anything flammable.
If you play with the springs you can soften up the ride.
If you take one of the rear axles off and shorten the frame and up the tire size they will run 65-70.

Not mine. The bed is a 1ton trailer.

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Heretic Car Camper
There's one local to me for sale. Belongs to friend of a friend. What I know about it: originally a radio or ambulance or similar box body on it, converted to single rear axle (think on air springs), believe it's one of the later trucks - but don't hold me to that. 93022 zip code. PM if more info wanted.


I just bought this Deuce and a Half and I'm building it to live in full-time for the next year or two. I'm going to convert the radio box into a live / work space and I'll be hauling an enclosed trailer with my dirt bikes, tools, toys, etc.

The search isn't working for me (found this thread by using google to search the forum). Are there any other Deuce owners on here? Are there any other good threads on here about motorhome / camper conversions? Almost everything that I've found while browsing seems geared a little more towards lighter-weight expeditions, like what I would pack if I was traveling in my Tacoma.

Mr. Leary

Glamping Excursionaire
So I'm thinking about passing the LC along to a friend to build and picking up a duece to build instead. I was thinking about moving the rear axle forward to fit bigger tires, then swapping in an additional middle axle into the rear placement, enabling a PTO output for a powered trailer. Anyone with experience with these things? Would this approach be possible. I think the movement of the middle axle would reduce breakover problems. The rockcrawlers usually take the front and rear axles, leaving the middle ones for scrap, so it would not cost much to pick one up. Not to mention, ARB just came out with a selectable locker for them.

Any thoughts, wisdom, or guidance would be appreciated!

Mr. Leary

Glamping Excursionaire
That's been my thought for a few years now! They are beasts off road though. They don't look like it but they are more than capable.
I'm convinced they can relocate mountains.... at 0.5 mph. They can pull anything out of a ditch!