The CrowsWing - Offroad Teardrop Trailer


Wow, nice woodworking skills. Some real craftsmanship going into it. :Wow1: As an architect I don't see that much effort in many houses.


Absolutely amazing work. and great to see family involvement too.

For a while, my job was going to relocate to Dahlgren, so I spent a lot of time driving the roads of King George and Fredericksburg looking for where to buy a house. That sure is some gorgeous country there. The relocation fell through, but I still come out to Dahlgren for work at least 3-4 times a year.

Can't wait to see pics of your trailer's maiden voyage!



I really hate when the weekend is over! At least our weekends are spent productively. Of course, I had to work Saturday (but at least I get Monday off that way), so Beth worked on the dovetailing for the kitchen drawers

Sunday, we began by gluing the pieces together with some TitebondIII

Then a little gentle persuasion was applied, necessary for the pieces to get to know each other.

then we moved on to the task of face frames for all the cabinets. That of course, involved more table saw, chop saw and Kreg jig usage. The frames are made from red oak and will be stained with mahogany. The many frames went together easily enough, it was a time consuming venture but we got them knocked out. (Mama said knock you out sucka! - rats! no LLCool J smiley!)

This little red strap clampy thing works wonders to keep your face frames squared up....


All the frames are similar so there's really nothing to add into their individual constructions

lower bedroom cabinet...........................upper bedroom cabinet
you can see just how much storage room we have in the uppers....that's a lot more than the Silver Shadow had
We ordered doors for the cabinets online at We decided this approach was easier and not much more expensive than building our own raised panel doors. At the ordering screen we realized the largest cabinet door they made is 24" and those upper cabinet frames you see have a 25" opening. We're calling this one the rough draft, and spent a leetle time today "resizing" the frame....
After doing the final draft on the faceframe, it was time for the tedious tedious tedious task of sanding everything. Drawers, frames, cabinets, all of it. Beth started by grinding down all the filler plugs we used to hide the Kreg screw holes

then we sanded sanded sanded.....did I mention this was tedious? So much so that we still have a final sanding of everything to do, but it's "gettin' ther' "
it's turning out well and all the sharp edges are eased(rounded over) to give everything a nice feel and nothing that will bark your shins, arms or foreheads when you're rummaging through trying to find the wine glasses or corkscrew.....
There's the draw-ers, one more sanding to go. The big one with the scoop in the side is for the Camp Chef Oven

That becomes it for this weekend. We spent the rest of the day cleaning the garage, putting away tools and burning the trailer trash....
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