The camper build begins but not what you thought


Happy New year everyone.

The camper body is coming along very well and I am now getting ready to do the plumbing install and the construction of the cabinets.

I have posted up a New Year message and my plans for the build and the channel coming up along with some teaser photos.

Enjoy !!!



The last few weeks have been very busy on the overland camper project.

I have started the fit out of the interior with the furniture frame work built out of aluminium box section.

I have been getting the plumbing system including the hot water system installed.

There are several new YouTube videos to bring everyone up to speed with progress.

The build is getting close to the finish line to a usable camper.:wings:

[video=youtube;OBxL0_fm7Fc] OBxL0_fm7Fc[/video]

[video=youtube;pzIqNKzrN2k] pzIqNKzrN2k[/video]

[video=youtube;6fdTO0WdYcQ] 6fdTO0WdYcQ[/video]


Qubelok system looks very neat and clean. Awaiting what material you would use for the cabinets wall, door etc.


Hi all, sorry for the delay in uploading a progress update.

I have been working very hard on getting the fit-out completed.

The electrical and water systems are fully working, including the hot water system.

The key furniture items are finished and the soft furnishings are ordered and should be ready very soon.

I will be lifting the camper module on to the back of the LandCruiser very soon so please keep watching this space.

In the meantime enjoy my latest instalment.



The camper build is drawing to a close, this is the milestone video everyone has been waiting for!!

The big lift went according to plan and I had no problems at all and the camper fits beautifully.

I am so please with the result an it looks awesome, getting lots of admiring glances on the road.

[video=youtube;WqifXH5uxHI] WqifXH5uxHI[/video]


Three criminal heroes
In the video, you asked me to tell you what I think.

I think this is simply outstanding! Really well done and I hope you enjoy it for years to come!