The camper build begins but not what you thought


I have started my build and I am documenting in the Toyota forum.

After all my planning and tossing the decision around I opted on the Single Cab Landcruiser 79 series ute.

I may move up to something bigger later but for now the Landcruiser fits my needs perfectly.

I have begun fabrication and the sub-frame is almost complete, the next stage is a light weight camper this space.!!!!


The Camper project is gathering pace with materials arriving.

I received the sandwich panels last week and now I am starting to assemble the living module.

I spent several hours stating to prepare the joints and getting the panels ready and doing a trial fit for the cabin panels.

See my latest video for an update


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The latest installment with the assembly of the camper cabin.

The walls are all glued together and ready for the corner trims and doors and widows to be installed.

Check out the video with my progress to date.

[video=youtube;bOjRRPsoFtU] bOjRRPsoFtU[/video]


Hi Guys, Great news the pop top roof is now ready for install, the canvas was have been made and they look amazing.

watch the YouTube video for a full explanation of the roof.

The roof will be going on this weekend.

[video=youtube;Ji2UtlFbrKg] Ji2UtlFbrKg[/video]


The cabin is almost finished (95%) and the pop top roof is now on.

The build has gone really well and the finish product look amazing.

Catch up with the latest developments on my YouTube channel.


[video=youtube;CPJt5u4Rl08] CPJt5u4Rl08[/video]
That is just awesome! I would love to build one similar for the back of my Tacoma. How hard was it to find the panels? Cheers

Recommended books for Overlanding


I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I had a very productive 3 days installing all of the main electrical items in the camper and cabling for other items yet to be installed.

I am very satisfied with the progress that is being done, I am well ahead of schedule.

[video=youtube;JWE18tUO3Fw] JWE18tUO3Fw[/video]