The "Az Crew" Thread


Just emailed pampena motorsports to see if they would be interested in building a nice motor for me. hopefully sooner then later i can FINALLY get out when the weather gets nicer.


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
You know me, I'm just a little ****ty guy. I'm out, Mum's 50th birthday and going to look at some things up north this weekend (Pine)


camp loser
dude nice footage shovel!
I spent the weekend up around heber with some family i did a little roaming around on sunday and came home monday morning pretty kicked back weekend.


pizza on BBQ? that is a 911 text to me next time bro!…. did a sunday impromptu Bartlett lake stand, drink & pee in water at same time adventure…. back way thru camp creek to Fountain Hills thing! The bro even followed me in his show queen yellow jeep but did not get the free desert pin stripes option!


I'm Getting Around To It
One must never look at that second picture again. Aside from the awkward human subject, I am amazed at the paint quality on that Raider - it sure doesn't look like that any more.

Soon, Shovel, soon.

John B.