The AR-15

Scott Brady

Many of us enjoy sport shooting and the AR-15 is one of the most popular options. One of my hobbies outside of adventure travel is shooting - I suspect it is the same for many of the members here.

This is my most recent acquisition, an LWRC M6a2 in 5.56 NATO with 16" barrel in Flat Dark Earth (FDE). Accessories are limited and will not likely change much from what is shown. This includes MagPull windowed 30 round magazine, AimPoint, MagPull AMBIDEXTROUS SLING ATTACHMENT POINT (ASAP), MagPull RAIL SLING ATTACHMENT (RSA). Not shown is the MagPull Multi-Mission Sling. I also installed a Battery Assist Device (BAD). It is a fantastic shooting rifle. We just bought a bunch of active and static targets.

I look forward to any feedback and seeing some other rifles. I am sure we can learn a lot from other members, so post up your "AR"


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Select fire? I can't make out the extra pin for the happy switch, but I'm very jealous. Mine aren't that nice (and I don't have any pictures handy).

I've tried the MagPul BAD (still have it on one rifle) but didn't really care for it when wearing gloves. I would highly recommend trying a BCM Gunfighter charging handle, especially if you decide to run a suppressor and/or a scope; it's just a superior piece of equipment in every way compared to the stock charging handle. The BCM Gunfighter pistol grip is also a nice piece; especially if you wear body armor and shoot squared off to the target with a shortened stock.

If you don't already have one, get a light and practice with it; it's another of those pieces of gear I wasn't really sold on until I did some training with one and then it was like one of those V8 moments where you go: "Doh, that makes a lot of sense".
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Scotts new AR...........

Scott enjoy it while you can........ I fear those who want to deny us our 2nd amendment rights will ban anything "AR" as soon as they can...... nevertheless it is a fine rifle! mjmcdowell


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mine's a rock river are 5.56 with an acog. my acog got damaged in an accident but the rifle survived. hope to build a ar-57 soon. sorry no picture

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I recently purchased a Hi Point 995 (9mm). I figured for $350, what the heck? I've tempted the thought of an AR but don't want to spend the money. I haven't taken any pics. But here is the video that convinced me to get it.



Nice gun Scott. I've got at least two AR's worth of parts piled around my desk right now and not a single one put together.

Now if you can just find ammo for sale.


Back in '91 or so, post Stockton schoolyard massacre it looked like the fedgov was going to ban ugly black rifles. So just out of spite, I bought one (heavy barreled match version).

After all these years it has about 400 rounds through it. During the same period I wore an M1A Supermatch twice (NRA Highpower competition).

I simply cannot make myself like the AR-15.




Nice gun, LWRC makes very nice rifles.

Here's my frankengun up in your neck of the woods last November.

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i LOVE my LWRC its a great rifle, Scott you're going to love it. i beat the SH%T out of mine drop it in mud, throw it in sand, always fires. great product.


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Definitely lacking in pictures so I guess I'll post one since I had the safe open today (sorry- not a very good picture just sitting on my bed). I'm still trying to decide whether I like the light there or on the side.

There's one stamp on this gun (SBR) and I'm still waiting on my latest stamp so I can pick up my suppressor for it (should be back anytime now- can't wait :drool: ). As it sits it's on the loud side; next upper is going to be a .300 Blackout.