The all new Wildlands trailer door


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Does it come in black!? This looks awesome! May need a lot of these in the future...
We currently only stock them in white. If you are looking at specing these for your trailers, we can definitely get them in black. We can also build custom sizes. There is no extra charge for either, but some minimums apply to cover the set up. Give us a call and we can hook you up with OEM pricing too. Our windows, cargo access doors and other components are becoming the standard for quality builds.


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Wow, I am surprised you understood that. Voice to text really messed it up.

My wall is about 1.5". Thanks for the response.
I just took my best guess, LOL. 1.5" walls are easy. We just shot a video that explains the installation of these doors, and at the end there is a section about operation and features of the door. I always get stuck making these videos, so bear with me. Hopefully it will be helpful.:

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Thats a neat door, but... Cheezy appears its lock cylinder.
Would be interesting to know what it precisely is.
Sorry, but thats coming from a SFIC guy who also enjoys piss about with other IC systems.
Not even close. The lock cylinder is better than the locks on my house and so is the door handle. During normal ops, just the main striker latches. Turn the handle the opposite way and it pulls the other two launches tight. They are adjustable in case anything stretches or loosens up down the road. It came with three keys and they're a complex cut. Not sure how else to describe them. I'll do a video review when I can. I'm away from home fighting wildfires right now.

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I still haven't had a chance to install my door but I filmed a little review of it yesterday. I can hardly wait to walk through it after installation.