The airgun thread - lets see where this goes.

I got a .20 cal silver streak and about 10 unopened boxes and Sheridan lead pellets for it. That by far was the most fun pellet gun of my youth. I’m saving it for my son when he gets old enough.
Your post got me curious about availability of 5mm pellets, so I had a conversation with my friend Professor Google. The pellets are readily available, and I ordered a couple of Benjamin tins. There are some higher end pellets available as well. My Blue Streak is about 40 years old now, but quite reliable.


Been shooting an RWS Diana Model 45, made in West Germany, since 1984. Just gave it to my 13 yr old son. Would really like to get myself another NICE air rifle, but not even sure whats good anymore.
The RWS 45 is a true classic and many are still in use.

If you’re interested in another quality spring gun, IMHO you need to focus on the German made or Air Arms (U.K.) products. I’m a big fan of springers and have never had good results with the cheaper department store guns. Avoid anything with a “nitro piston” and go with a basic steel spring.

The Weihrauch hw95 or the RWS 34 are both excellent guns and still in production. Either will give you decades of accurate shooting.

You can get an hw95 (the better of the two IMHO) delivered to your door for about $330 from Krale shooting sports in the Netherlands.

I have a couple of German springers that have given me more than 25,000 shots with zero maintenance. That is why I prefer springers over PCPs.



I was in Florida helping my Mom clean out some closets (she's 89; dad's 90 and he's not with-it) and we came across this Daisy BB gun she didn't want. So I took it apart and brought it home. It is this model:

It is in excellent shape, and seems to work just fine (even after I put it back together). Not looking to sell it (don't need the money, and now I have a BB gun to add to my collection). But I have a few questions to those out there that own one of these things:

1. Can you shoot .117 pellets with it (and if so, what is the best brand to get?)? It has a lever on the side you could feed them in one-at-a-time if you wanted.

2. What's the maximum number of pumps you can/should do with it?

3. Any words of advice/wisdom?


BB gun.1.jpgBB gun.2.jpg
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I grew up with one of those and probably put over 10k rounds through it. 10 pumps is the max recommended I think it will blow off additional pressure if you go over. I used the standard daisy pellets with mine but shot 95 percent BB's.


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During the 70’s, my lord of the flies gang and I patrolled the woods around the Ravenwood Estates neighborhood and protected it from all sorts of horrible things with my trusty Crossman M1 carbine BB gun. Loved that thing! Must have put a million BB’s through that thing. I was heartbroken when I had to sell it when moving back to England in 1979. Would love to find another one some day. Cheers!



I've had this model for about 10 years. Always works,fairly accurate . AND as a bonus I own a Browning BuckMark in .22LR . Now a safety check will be to ensure which one goes to the range!


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I'm surprised that nobody has brought up quackenbush air rifles, even though it sounds like the OP wants something small caliber. Reasonably priced, custom, and can take down a Cape buffalo.