The 300.000euro G-Wagen...


Yes its a bit strange having a drab green body (almost camo) then the orange bits.
Could be worse though - the other way around.


was there portal axels on that on, didn't look like it at 1:25 at least
change the bumper color and remove the pimp lamps on the inside :-D
but why have a pickup when theirs only room for the extra wheel.
but that price tag i ridicules.


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it reminds me of an ar15 with lights, lasers, holographic, offset irons, special stocks, fore grips, and every other normally useful gadget mixed together to make a parody of itself.


Its pretty cool....even with the colors.
The thing that annoys a little, and maybe I'm just jealous (almost certainly), but the guy doesn't appear to be a trained driver. Turns with a hand inside the steering wheel and lifts both hands off the wheel while talking to the camera. Sheesh. Just a guy with a camera I guess. I sure wish I understood/spoke german to get a real sense of the review and be fair about it. What about some off highway pics?
I know, its petty. I'm sure he's a nice guy. What do I know?


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Whoa daddy, haven't seen this from ORC yet. They are the shiz.
Tibus Offroad ( portals ******!
Look at those Recaro's; drool!