TFL Frontier vs. Tacoma Mashup


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Interesting . . . I'm old school, you don't want hi hp and low torque in a truck. I owned a second gen Tacoma and wasn't impressed. It's a nice truck and all but Nissan's do better for what I need.


That was pretty damn cool. There's no question that the body on the Tacoma sits higher than the Frontier. The actual ground clearance on Frontier, partially because of a larger tire, was slightly more though, but the important clearance factor between this two trucks is drivetrain exposure. The Tacoma has parts of its drivetrain below the frame, where as the Frontier tucks it's drivetrain between the frame rails.
I was hoping for a lot more from the redesign on the Tacoma. A new engine and transmission is not enough to separate it from the field. I've always been a Toyota fan boy, but the fact is that the Nissan is a equal truck.

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The narrator said the price of the trucks was close, within a thousand bucks. He didn't take into consideration the fact that you can negotiate more off of msrp on the Nissan. That pro-4x would be 3 to 4k less than the Toyota. Factor in resale and the price is probably even. IMO these two trucks are close enough you should get whatever one you like.


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Flat belly vs not so flat belly is the same on the Patrol vs the Land Cruiser.



Also the Pro-4X had the luxury package with leather, moon roof, and roof rack (both have heated seats), not quite apples & apples.