Texas to the Tundra: Four Months in an FJ62 with a dog, some bikes, and a fly rod.


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Any time I read about a road trip to AK I always hope it includes a trip to Dawson City and the Top of the World highway, and it did, best diversion along the entire trip! Fantastic pictures and stories, the single best travel companion anyone can have, and an itinerary written in water are the makings of all the best road trips. Bummed I just saw this post or I would have shared beers and some singletrack here in Anchorage with you and Hank. Hope this trip is just what the doctor ordered and then some. Safe travels!

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“I have a gnawing obsession that draws me towards quiet, distant places with strange significance. And I have a brain that struggles to stay quiet, even when it's seemingly occupied. I find respite and some sense of meaning spending hours pointing a truck nose between a yellow and a white line, or down narrow, overgrown double track that leads to even more overgrown dead ends.”

"semi-platonic longing that plagues the traveler"

John thank you for sharing. Well written, as i currently sit in my office losing the age old battle of "stay or go". I also have the ever growing and insatiable yearn for not only change but exploration and adventure. I can relate on multiple levels. Thanks to your report I have added some places to me ever growing google maps places to visit, and stared places. As the something missing ache continues to grow inside me, there are days it's tough to stay at this job. AT this point i know its not forever, and will be funding my next journey. This report, weekend trips, and some time in South America will help quench the bug for a while longer. If you find yourself in Eastern Oregon, Hermiston, Pendleton area look me up. You'll have a place to stay, and another playmate for your dog, and a friendly face.

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That has to be the best trip report I've read on ExPo. It's apparent you are a professional writer even without the brief mention of deadlines. I lived on the road full time for 8.5 years traveling to distant places like Baja and Alaska, and always with a dog. I am settled down now in Western Colorado, about 10' north of Jerimiah's shop. I still travel extensively and possibly doing Alaska again in 2018. I met some interesting characters during my travels, but not all the pretty ladies you seem to attract, and I'm a touch jealous. Loved the line "too pretty to make eye contact with".

I too wheel a Toyota 4x4, and do lots of mountain biking. I hope we cross paths someday. I think your a guy I could sit and gab with for hours while we empty a six-pack or two. One rule: no cheap beer.



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I did a similar trip to inuvik on my motorcycle with my little pup sprocket last July and August. Reading your account of Dawson city brought tears to my eyes as some of the best memories in my life were made there. The people of Dawson accepted me as one of their own(with my last name being Dawson it wasn't to far of a reach). I met the most amazing woman at the Goat. Ended up delaying 4 days there. Jumped in the yukon river(naked), paddled the Klondike, drank way to much, and ended up leaving part of my heart in that Northerly town. I'll never forget that place or the people I met. It was truly one of the most amazing times in my 28 years.

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