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We took delivery of our TetonX Hybrid a little over a week ago and so far, we love it! We opted for most of the options available including a ton of solar and a 12 volt A/C.

Once we received it we immediately (less than an hour and a half after it was delivered) set out for Virginia to camp in it over the weekend. I am very pleased with it and I’m looking forward to a lot of use over the next several years.



Snow on the Roof
Great looking trailer! Wishing you the greatest of times in it. Got any shots of the interior yet?


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
Here are are some interior shots. I’ll take some more the next time we have the roof popped. We opted for the upper cot for a place to store our clothing bags and extra blankets when our daughter is sleeping in the lower bunk. The cot can be attached to the ceiling so that it is out of the way, or removed completely.

Before I received the trailer I wasn’t sure if we would be able to use it with the top down but there is plenty of room in it even with the top down, both for sitting and using the dinette and for sleeping. The only hitch would be where would put the items that are currently on the shelves if we had our daughter with us.


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Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
Awesome looking trailer.
Do you any room on the top for a few bikes and solar?

There are three 170 watt solar panels on the roof and I have a bike carrier that fits into the hitch below the spare tire, so I’m all good there :)
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Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
Any plans to take this camper off-road? Would love to see it in action!

Not in the near future, a couple of campground trips are planned in a month. Most of the trailer ride around here are pretty tight, so I don’t know how much real off-roading I will do with it. But I do hope to take it out west next year and then it would see a few hundred miles of forest service and BLM roads.


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
that poor 4R is saggin baggins there. Airbag time for you.

Although I am planning on airbags, it’s not as bad as the first pics once I readjusted the hitch height.


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I know you haven't off-loaded in it, but really would like to know how you like and how well built you feel it is. I'm thinking hard about this one, but I'm in Denver and have never seen one in person yet. Quality good? I do plan to off-road in it in Colorado if I purchase. Thanks in advance for your input.

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