Tesla Pick up reveal tonight at 8pm. Post your thoughts here...


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I am not a fan of the design as it sits, though the bones could be workable with some softening of the ridiculous angularity. People like the Labmos, even though they look like origami... To be fair I think most american pickups look pretty terrible, especially with the sill mini-beds favored by the crew cab models.
Logan's Run design language.

Has no one noticed that it's all but impossible to access the bed, from the side of the truck.
You mean like traditional pickups are today? Side bed access is the least of this design's problems.


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When are they showing the real one?
What, you don't like the Devil's Doorstop?

I think they're sandbagging the competition. As luthj pointed out, the underpinnings are largely thought out. Popping a new shell on will be relatively easy, so why not let Rivian & Co. think this is the best they could do on the body. They're still a few years from production, so there's a little bit of time to work with, but not much.


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This isn't for people who actually use a pick-up, it's for the ultra techno-nerd soccer dads. You know like the vast majority of F150's sold
Awweee... That's cute... Especially considering its the most common truck for fleets.