Tesla Pick up reveal tonight at 8pm. Post your thoughts here...


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There is no way that body design is going into production. Looks like a quick and dirty concept render.

The aerodynamics of that body design is never going to pass muster on an EV.

This is kinda an unusual design process though. Unlike most other trucks, where you start with the drivetrain, systems, etc mostly from scratch (not car or SUV based). Tesla's AWD drivetrain used on the X is already mostly ready for truck duty. Expand the battery size, change the wheelbase, and adjust the suspension. This means development costs are going to be lower, and they have a bit more flexibility with cab design, and body shape.


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I know which one would survive best through here....
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Honestly, I wouldn't assume that the Tesla can't take a beating off road. It has far fewer parts that can fail and doesn't have many of the problems that a conventional vehicle can suffer from.

Now, the gas powered version wins hands down when it comes to range off road... Kinda hard to recharge a battery in the middle of nowhere...haha.

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In a weird way, I kinda' like the body design. Maybe it's just reminding me of a Matchbox toy?

Looks like a MadMax Isuzu.

I wonder if it will be self-driving? :)


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I am not a fan of the design as it sits, though the bones could be workable with some softening of the ridiculous angularity. People like the Labmos, even though they look like origami... To be fair I think most american pickups look pretty terrible, especially with the sill mini-beds favored by the crew cab models.


IF I can not pack three dirt bikes or a few 4x8 sheets plywood (With the gate closed) is not a pickup truck if you ask me, regardless of the power plant..

We did have a p98 (hand me down from my ex hyper rich brother) that was a Bitching car to ride but end up been more of a Ticket maker for the Poncherellos, plus the stupid tires and rims keep getting ruined with the smallest potholes (san francisco is not so bad but is not perfect)

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That is a horrendous design. It looks like a redneck vehicle - one made by someone who doesn't know much about metal working and had very little tools to work with. Even the flat surfaces is a no-no. They will quickly begin to buckle as they are completely flat.

The wheel well extensions that seems to be an afterthought and simply three pieces of metal stuck together is bad, but what's even worse are those sharp corners at the front that even protudes, making sure it will cut open any human that is hit by that corner.
Sheesh, you would think they would know a thing or two about building cars, regulations, and common sense by now. But, no. it's Elon Musk.



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Has no one noticed that it's all but impossible to access the bed, from the side of the truck.
Have you not seen most current production trucks? That is the new fad...

That way if you actually need to get into the back of your truck they can upsell you gimmicky steps and/or tailgates.
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