Terra Camper


I had a similar idea for my Bronco, patterned after an Earthroamer xv-jp without the pop-roof. But when I mocked it up with boxes, I couldn't fit a bench seat tall enough to be comfortable and low enough for adult headroom. So it would have been great for my kids, but not for me. :(


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AWSOME FInd Scott!!!!! THanks for the Link, I'd almost think this could go in the "general" section seeing as they have ALOT of options for various platforms. I'm LOVING the idea and want to copy it for my own platform...

Again, thanks for the link eh.




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Thanks, Scott! The systems looks adaptable to just about any ExPo vehicle. And the pricing is not impossibly high -- 7500 euro / $10,150 USD for a complete setup, including the furniture and mechanical systems (stove, house battery, water supply, and so on). You provide the vehicle, of course.