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Expedition Portal would like to welcome Tern Overland as a Supporting Sponsor of our online community.

"Tern Overland is owned and operated by David Soza and Aimee Higgins. Our business is a newcomer to the Overland market, but not to the pursuit of overland adventure. With over 40 years of experience in the outdoors and overland travel, we are uniquely qualified to choose and design exceptional products that meet the demanding needs of long term and frequent travelers.
In early 2017 Tern Overland began importing a small number of select items from around the world. (928) 642-3459, www.TernOverland.com, info@ternoverland.com
Bridge Bound Campers, Fayetteville WV (2).jpg
(Bridge Bound Campers, Fayetteville WV)

We recognized that quality RV components are very difficult to find in North America, because generally the standards of the mainstream RV manufacturers are very low. Word spread quickly, and our shelves were stripped bare time and again. By late 2017, the decision was made to make a major commitment to supplying this market. Today Tern Overland is meeting the needs of the growing Overland market with a sizable U.S. inventory of top quality components.
@sprincentvango on Instagram.jpg
(@sprincentvango on Instagram)

We now have over 20 OEM Overland and van conversion companies using our products, as well as a vibrant DIY following among van and Overland builders. Tern also stocks a complete line of parts, to offer superb support to the North American market. We have recently established Nomad Vanz in Vancouver, BC, as our Canadian distributor, to better serve our Canadian customers.
OverKill Campers (1).jpg
(OverKill Campers)

Tern has also begun design on a number of ground breaking products that will be debuted throughout the year. These products are not re-makes of existing items, but items specifically tailored for the specialized needs of long term travelers.
OverKill Campers (3).jpg
(OverKill Campers)

Currently Tern Overland is offering the finest awning style windows, entry doors, cargo access doors, and roof hatches. We also offer a growing line of select items such as water fill ports, electrical ports, and Novus acrylic care products."
Promaster Customer.jpg
(Promaster Customer)

Bridge Bound Campers, Fayetteville WV (1).jpg
(Bridge Bound Campers, Fayetteville WV)

Tern Overland Window.jpg
(Tern Overland Window)

Tern Overland Cargo Door edit.jpg
(Tern Overland Cargo Door)

Tern Overland Expo Demo Trailer.jpg
(Tern Overland Expo Demo Trailer)


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Supporting Sponsor Ternoverland.com
Thank you Sir! We are happy to support Expedition Portal! We are lucky enough to be based in Prescott, AZ, where we can visit with the people who work so hard to put all of this together and keep it running. I see that Brian was up after midnight getting our introduction posted. Thank you Brian! It's easy to think that these sites run on autopilot, but they don't! The staff works very hard.

We are working with the Portal to create some changes that will make this section of the forum an even better resource for DIY and professional builders. Hopefully this will attract even more quality vendors. Since 2010, Ex Po has been a resource for me to find obscure quality products and share ideas for my projects. We are excited to be able to be a provider as well.


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Welcome here - please don't hesitate to reach out for anything you need on the portal!



Gotta Be Nuts
Just unpacked our complete windows/doors and hatches from David and Aimee. They look great and can't wait to be able to put them into our habitat.


Any idea when the Euro doors will be back in stock? I looked at the Aussi door that you are now carrying, is this door insulated?


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Any idea when the Euro doors will be back in stock? I looked at the Aussi door that you are now carrying, is this door insulated?
Best if you contact Tern Overland per email. We have them in stock at our factory but can only ship them with our camper bodies.


Supporting Sponsor Ternoverland.com
Any idea when the Euro doors will be back in stock? I looked at the Aussi door that you are now carrying, is this door insulated?
Hi Darwin,
We have a limited number of the Euro doors arriving later this month. I know some of them are already pre-sold, so I would suggest giving us a call soon if you need one! We are now offering a custom made removable insulating panel for the Wildlands door, that makes it a good choice for any weather environment! These panels are really nicely built, with high efficiency insulation. They can be opened partially if needed, and come with a storage sack when not needed. They are sold as an option since the door itself is plenty insulated for 3 season use. These are not on our website yet. The first batch is arriving in our December shipment. I should add that we will have the full size Wildlands door back in stock this month too. Keeping up with demand on all these items has been a huge challenge.