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Tern Overland would like to introduce our Canadian customers to John and Christina of Nomad Vanz, in Vancouver, BC. Nomad Vanz will now be handling all of our Canadian inquiries and orders. This move will result in better service and lower pricing for our Canadian customers! By moving product over the border in bulk, It cuts down the crazy cost of cross-border shipping that Canadians know all so well!

John and Christina are also a great resource for information. They are premier upfitters of vans, with some of the best build quality and attention to detail that we have seen anywhere. Of course they use our windows in their vans, so they have first hand experience with our products. Be assured that they have our full backing for service and warranty support.

Note that Nomad Vanz’s listed pricing is in Canadian dollars, and includes all import duties and import costs. The actual landed cost of ordering from them is less than ordering direct from us.

Nomad Vanz​

John and Christina​

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Nomad Vanz

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We are very happy to be working with Tern Overland to distribute their amazing products throughout Canada. Should there be any questions while we prep our web-store with Tern Overland's products (shop.nomadvanz.com) please feel free to reach out to contact@nomadvanz.com!

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The Nomad Vanz Team
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