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Tepui went live this morning with their new branding which includes a new logo, new website and a new contest that some lucky winners will undoubtedly enjoy.

Go check out https://tepui.com to see the new look and some new products too.

As part of the Tepui - year of endless adventure for 2018 there is an exciting contest where you could have one of your trips sponsored by Tepui. Find details here.

More exciting things to come from Tepui this year and down the road. #endlessadventure


Nice! Glad to see the Baja canopy offered for $365. Once my replacement tent gets here I will be ordering one for use in the summer months. I’m anxious to try the zipper gimp functionality.

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New site looks nice. One thing I immediately dislike is the non-standard icon for the mobile menu (which then switches to a normal icon when you hover over it). Consistency and predictability helps people navigate the sites faster and more efficiently, and that (ever so slight) change in design can make a big (negative) usability difference.

I'd also suggest expanding the "Gear" and "Explore" menu items (top left) to be drop-downs, so that a user can navigate directly to the sub-category they're interested in (similar to how the mobile menu is setup), without having to jump through intermediary pages.


"ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open to individuals legally residing in the fifty (50) United States"

No love for Canadians? :'(
Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to pass it along to the team.


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Really nice, new website, and great new logo! My only suggestion is more product details.

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I like the new TEPUI logo and the new website!

I have to get me info together to apply for the contest.

My Tepui RTT make for a great base camp for off road rallies and races.

At the end of the day, when I ride up to my truck covered in mud and sweat, all I think of is - HOME!

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When are stickers with the new logo going to be available?

Sign me up for two! - please

Sno Dawg

Very cool! We'll keep you posted on stickers.

Very cool! We'll keep you posted on stickers.

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Tepui Year of Endless Adventure Contest

My wife and I got the application submitted before the deadline tonight - my wife and I have our fingers crossed that Tepui will recognize us for our Trans-Labrador - Newfoundland trip this summer with our pup and bestest buddy Otter.

Teeth to the wind,
Jeff, Taia and Otter

take a look at our video -
Great submission and best of luck to you!

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I wonder how Tepui is going to announce who won their contest? There are so many great videos on YOUTUBE and VIMEO. I think they said that on April 2 it would be done.

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I have not heard how they plan to pick/announce winners but as soon as I hear anything I'll post something here as well. I'm guessing that besides contacting the individuals directly, they will probably post to their social media pages (FB/IG) also.

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So Tepui made everyone wait for a month so they could announce that most of their winners will be traveling the west coast and west of the Rockies. Very little diversity in people and very little diversity in trips. It this what Tepui wants their NEW image to be "White, middle to upper class young people traveling the west coast and Colorado."
While I imagine each of them has interesting stories, Tepui RTT did not set themselves apart.


There were so many interesting videos submitted on YOU Tube for this contest, and I was hoping that some outliers would be able to tell their stories. Tepui showed me that they are just another mainstream roof top tent company that is NOT set apart from the others.

Jeff - Sno Dawg

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Sorry you feel that way. There were many excellent entries to the contest with interesting stories and ideas. Congrats to those that won sponsorships! This is the first time Tepui has done something like this and maybe there will be other opportunities in the future and some new stories can be shared. Until then, keep exploring!