Tepui Mesh and it's rainfly

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I'm looking at getting a RTT for my Impreza, and the Tepui Kukenam 3 Mesh looks like it would be well-ventilated for taking trips here in Virginia (hot and humid summers), but I haven't found any reviews of that canopy. Plenty of people seem to like the Baja Ultralight canopy, so I might go that way if no one has used the Mesh. My wife gets overheated easily while sleeping so that's why we'd prefer something more open.

Also, I've seen two different rain flies for the Tepui Mesh canopy. One looks to have pretty good coverage (from the Tepui website) and the other looks like it wouldn't do any good even in a light rain (Backcountry.com). Can anyone confirm/deny which one actually comes with the tent? Tepui's website says they're out of stock at the moment, so I'll probably have to order elsewhere but I don't want to get something that's going to be useless in a small shower.



I'm here in VA as well, so can relate to the hot and humid summers. I was in your same situation last year and ended up buying the Tepui Autana. Honestly, it typically dips low enough temp wise at night that I end up sleeping comfortably, and I'm a hot sleeper. With that said, I do run a small battery operated fan overnight to keep the air moving-HUGE difference!

This subject is the main reason I went with Tepui-the Zippergimp feature. No other tent manufacturer has this ability, and it's well worth it if you ask me! If you end up wanting to swap canopies you can with Tepui! Not possible with other brands.
I have the Ultralight canopy and find it to have very good ventilation. Most pics don't show it, but they have windows on the top that open up. So when you are in warm weather you can have all 4 bottom windows and the two top windows open. If bugs aren't a problem you can get even more airflow by opening the no see um mesh too. Here in CA I open all windows but leave the bug mesh windows up. I also leave the rain fly on for sun protection and shade in the morning. Air flows really well through the top, under the rain fly. I went with the ultralight for increased privacy and for the few times a year I camp in crappy weather. Very happy with my choice.
Thanks for the replies so far!

I also emailed Tepui to see if they had heard much back since I haven't been able to find any reviews. Here's what Kyle had to say: "People love them. Lots of ventilation and visibility for the night sky. They're only concern was lack of privacy, but with the mesh canopy you know that will come with the territory!"

It sounds like you both have had good experiences with the ventilation in the more traditional design and it's a lot more versatile than the mesh for privacy and precipitation. Are there any specific brands of fan that are particularly good for RTTs?
Porcupine, I use the 02COOL 10" model that Walmart generally has on thei shelves in store. I've had it for two summers with no issues. It does use D size batteries, but they generally last awhile-about 5 nights or so if I remember correctly. Has two speeds and an adjustable base to angle the fan. Works for me!

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From what I understand the mesh canopies all come with the new rainfly with more coverage. If the privacy is a concern, the Ultralight canopies are great and have excellent ventilation. The sky panels are very useful for airflow. Also, as a reminder there is a 10% discount when placing your Tepui order with me. They are out of stock at the moment but should be available early August if I have my info correct.
Thanks for the fan recommendation, sabjku. I think I've seen that brand mentioned elsewhere so I'll check it out.

Thanks for letting me know about the discount and current stock, BoxRocket. Still info-gathering, but will keep that in mind once I am ready to pull the trigger.