Tent heating ideas for winter camping?


I use one of these. Patron Heater. I power it with this. Generator. Or just plug it in when there is a hookup available. It's not your standard space heater. Have had this setup for years now and I always sleep comfortably on cold nights.


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Heated blanky for the win. A 2nd body helps a bunch too. My electric throw heats up quick and we actually had to turn it off after about 30 min, it was too effective. There is good compilation to read about tent heaters.

Now that morning cold air is another story. Wife wasn't pleased about that.


Well I have hit every truck stop in the tri county area and none of them carry a trucker 12v mattress pad. :(

I think instead I am going to try a 12V heated throw I found on Amazon to sleep on top of. Has a 45 minute timer and 3 heat settings. Will see how that goes after I receive it.
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Well I have hit every truck stop in the tri county area and none of them carry a trucker 12v mattress pad. :(

I think instead I am going to try a 12V heated throw I found on Amazon to sleep on top of. Has a 45 minute timer and 3 heat settings. Will see how that goes after I receive it.
I got the trucker 12V at amazon.I just got a low voltage electric blanket,the manual stated their blankets run from 14V to 18V,so I am not sure what it will do on 12V.
Please report on the 12V throw.


I went through a similar process- looking for a heater to heat my small RTT while winter camping and I started with a catalytic heater. The problem is in order for it to have any effect, I needed to close all sources of drafts which caused the CO sensor to trip. Open a window and away went what little heat was gained.

After some trial and error, I've settled on the following - not worrying about the temp of inside the tent but staying warm via clothing / sleeping bag.
Down to 40F
- 2 wool surplus army blankets (wearing regular jeans and sweater)

Down to 30F
- sleeping bag ( surplus 3 piece army bag)

Below 25F
- above 2 +
- very thick wool socks
- balaclava
- zippo catalytic heater (put in footbox of sleeping bag)
- base layer (spandex type)
- long johns (upper/lower)
- pants/ rothco level 3 ecwcs jacket
- gortex trouser and jacket shell

Yes, it is a lot of layers but it works - really well. Something worth noting is that you lose a lot of heat through your head so covering it really makes a difference. The zippo handwarmer is a trick a military buddy shared and it works. Your wool socks can be damp from wearing them all day but after a night in the sleeping bag with the zippo, they won't be. RTTs don't seem to hold heat all that well so without gloves, your hands will probably get really cold during the night.

As others have mentioned, don't forget to get yourself some kind of pee bottle. Sure beats leaving your RTT/tent!
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Are there other ready-to-go options that I'm missing which would be suitable for a tailer-mounted RTT? Tent is a FreeSpirit Recreation M60 Adventure Series. I'm aware of FSR's insulated Tri-Layer fabric option, but it's fairly expensive and tough to justify for two-three winter camping trips per year
Do you have a Winter ground tent you can use for those 2-3 outings?

You have all the right sleeping gear, but your tent is not correct for Winter. In all the Winter camping I’ve done I’ve been plenty comfortable, with less gear, but in a Winter-appropriate tent. Once multiple bodies hunker down and close up the tent, temps stabilize ( in all but extreme conditions) and you get by fine without a heater.


Out of the box solution..

My first shop in san francisco was at one of the metal warehouses right at the waterfront (Pier54) absolutely Un-heatable, plus I was sharing with many other shops that open and close door all day long..

my solution I start to use my motorcycle heated clothes, carrying a small moto battery on a big fanny pack (Odyssey 680) or it I was working at the same place i just connected to the outlet..

work great, just be careful when welding..

Ps: I work freelance for mountain hardware a few years..

Trust me they are "One season tents" use by Alpinist/mountaineering than over 10 degrees feel much to hot (but not stuffy)

i had used one for years in cold weather and I need to sleep with the bag haft open (annapurna is the model i have)


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I tried the Candlelier 2 nights this past weekend in low and sub 30* weather. It kept me nice and warm but I ended up with a bunch of condensation on the walls since I didn’t run my exhaust fan which would have removed all of the warmth from the lantern. It ran most of the night the first night and ran all night the second night. I may try to rig a fan to blow the heat around the cabin a bit and possibly get a second lantern for a total of 6 candles. The CO detector never registered any ppm. My buddy slept in shorts again in the stove tent haha!






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Condensation is gonna happen, even out here in dry desert a couple of people generate enough moisture that on a cold night anything like metal/glass is going to suck it out of the air.. even without burning stuff.. a furnace actually dehumidifies the air so thats why everyone thinks stuff like stoves/catalytic heaters put off so much water, but the difference between them is greatly how much a furnace reduces humidity naturally IMO.. I carry humidity monitors, plenty of times indoor and outdoor humidity will be the same but the temp difference gives me a bunch of condensation on all the cold bits that are poorly insulated.

You dont need much venting most of the time unless humidity levels are just really high to begin with, crack a window ever so slightly on the wife's side :p


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Bar Keep, I'll take 2lbs of beer pls, of your highest alcohol by weight.. volume is for sissies.

How about natural measurements, like i dunno.. 1Gallon of LP produces .8 Gallons of Water Vapor..

At worst I use 1 Gallon of LP (~4lb) a whole day when its cold enough to run the heater all the time. lets say 75% of that is overnight w/ppl sleeping. and my 4 people (not including dogs) output about 1 Gallon of Water (~8lb) sleeping.. thats about 0.6 gallons of water LP generated.. but Ive got 2 heaters, only one produces water vapor indoors.. lets just say 50/50 for simplicity sake.. so 0.3 Gallons of water introduced into my sleeping area every night by my Catalytic heater.. compared to the 1 Gallon just produced by its human occupants.

Its not enough for me to even notice really.. let alone be concerned with..


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A candle also produces water vapor but it would not have the same affect as a human (2lbs of what vapor during the night) or a propane (vented into the sleeping area) heater.
I really screwed up the conversion. Human is 0.2L about 6.7oz or 3/4 of a cup.