Tent heater ideas please

If you had the room for it I'd say one of those smaller kerosene heaters. No CO and it has that wonderful fluttering sound. I wish we could get the ones here that they have in the Middle East. They have some that are 5-7500 btu's and would be small enough to make some space for.


Burning Kerosene generates CO also. A properly burning heater will generate less, but it will still generate some. Just be careful and remember a little ventilation is a good thing!


I haven't used my Mr Buddy for a long time but when I did use it in the Kamparoo, I'd simply leave it running all night with the pilot only and it kept the freezing temps tolerable. One advantage to leaving the pilot on all night was that in the morning, I can turn it on full blast w/o using the loud igniter. If the temps got really cold in the middle of the night, I'd get up and turn it to full blast for ten min and then put it back to pilot mode. Surprisingly, the 1lb propane bottle lasted couple of trips by using it this way. We had enough air leaks in the Kamparoo so that the CO monitor never went off or even registered any number other than zero.


I've used Big and Little Buddy heaters for years in both RVs and tents. They do have a low oxygen shutoff, which makes them unusable over 7,000' so to an extent they are "safe". To a point, but I'd not be comfortable running them all night.

We use really good sleeping bags, rated for much lower than the expected low temp. In the Rv when we start getting up in the Am run the Buddy heater in the RV just till it gets to say 50*. Colerman makes some nice inexpensive, little catalytic heaters which might serve you well and give you the chance to develop your own system. BUT, GET GOOD SLEEPING BAGS!


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I use a 12 volt heated blanket. Has 30 & 60 min timer, on at bedtime, on early in the AM, and option for once in the middle of the night. All powered from my Mini Power Supply and charged by a 27w solar panel the next day.


Yea my 3yr old doesn't get the whole stay in the sleeping bag thing yet either. We got the kids adult bags and folded them under them on top of the cots so they have more pad to sleep on. We also had the kids sleep in these fleece snowsuit sleeper looking things with the feet built in.


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lucky my 3 year old stays in his bag :) was worried about that big time
the snow suit thing is a good idea :)

we still run our buddy helps keep the dog a bit warmer


I've used a buddy heater in my 4Runner with good results when overnight temps were in the low teens, but many people don't consider these units safe for overnight use. Last spring I picked up a 12V electric blanket when we gassed up at truck stop. I'll test it out when it gets colder, but it seems like a cheap/easy solution (you mentioned hooking up an electric heater so I assume you have a power source).


I do run a lil buddy overnight in my popup camper (fwc grandby). With it on its lowest setting I leave the roof vent open and the turnbuckle access hatch open giving lots of ventilation draw. Camper has appropriate alarms/ detectors which never sound off. Even in the 20's even low makes it very warm in the cab over. Just throwing it out there since everyone seems to say not to run them while you sleep. I see no danger with good ventilation though. Strictly IMO