Teardrop awnings

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Anyone know if you can add a ARB 2000 deluxe to any of the teardrops to cover the galley? Any photos of the ARB installed?


I'm pretty sure that awning would be wider than most any teardrop out there. I personally use a Bus Depot ez awning that I attach to my roof rack to go over my galley. Many people use a free standing awning or one of those SUV rear awnings or tents. I have not seen someone do a permanently attached awning for the rear galley.



Don't know about the ARB awning specifically, but look up @Titanpat57 's build - I think he had an awning that went around one side and the back galley.

One thing I'm surprised I haven't seen used much at all in this group is Keder rail for awnings.


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Like @ottsville said....I have the Foxwing with a full wall set, on the left hand side , and an ARB 2500 on the right over the kitchen area. The Foxing provides a dressing/shower area or a dry hangout area in adverse weather.


From this angle you can see the "doorway" to enter the Foxwing

roam kitchen.jpg

I've seen these type in action...and believe this is the most viable for a rear access galley kitchen. The fellow that parked next to me had one over his teardrop kitchen...very cool!

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We really like our Kelty Tailgater.


It goes up fast and nasty camp-wrecking thunderstorms don't grab it.

But here's the rub: Kelty quit making them.



We are also still looking for the right awning, for now were just using a 10 by 10 easy up. I move it forward at night so I can still use the fantastic fan for ventilation even if it rains...