Team Bongo #33 - Aventura 4x4 - Maya Rally Picture Gallery Consulting fees optional:)


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The end of the world bongo has started in Norway!

Hope everyone has reached the final destination! Im back in Norway and its the 21st over here! The end of the world bongo has begun! :sombrero:

Salud, Amor, y Bongo! Cheers! Skål!

The pirate viking beaner is trying to keep warm over here by drinking some Sotol and Scorpion Mezcal



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World Rally Team helps out in the Maya Rally

World Rally Team


Just a quick update - Javier Velazquez alias the Puerto Rican Rum Runner, and myself would just like to say thank you for allowing us to show you a great times or what we call Bongo at the start in colonial Guanajuato, GTO. Also it was our pleasure to guide the 4 teams from the Laredo Texas border down to Guanajuato., we have tons of great footage on our VEHO Muvi cameras.

Glad to see everyone had a great time and no major problems! As for us we raced back to Laredo on Friday (Literally) and made it less than 9 hours, but we ran into some problems in nuevo laredo and also were detained at the US Customs, got it all on film :sombrero:

Then I had to jump in the time machine into the future and get back to Scandinavia. Oh well, Im sure we will run into each other again.

Keep in touch!

Feliz Navidad y Prospero 2013! y que siga el Bongo!
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I would also like to thank Tecate Beer and Scorpion Mezcal for their contribution to this motorsports event.

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Footage of the Maya Rally Shakedown in Guanajuato, GTO Mexico

Footage of the Maya Rally where we helped guide 2 USA Teams, 1 Cuban, and 1 Australian team from Laredo Texas down to colonial Guanajuato Dec 12, 2012, then took them to Planet GTOROCKS a private off road park that we founded back in 1999. Bongo!

Shakedown and start of the Maya Rally in colonial Guanajuato Mexico

Arriving to Guanajuato Mexico

Gracias Enrique for the videos! They are bad ***! :sombrero: