Team Bongo #33 - Aventura 4x4 - Maya Rally Picture Gallery Consulting fees optional:)


The Minority Racer
Staging for the Maya Rally Bongo Style

Had a crazy adventure and some problems at the border but finally we rolled in last night into Guanajuato...more updates soon! Yes will be at KOH! :grinpimp:

Here is a quick update

Teams meeting in Laredo

Dinner beaner style...

What we packed for the race

Staging at the Puerto Rican Rum Runners pad

Permits and bribes to get rigs across


Pit stop in Monterrey with Utah rockcrawler Doug Chacon, thanx Doug for letting us crash there! Good times, Bongo!
Australian Maya Rally Team checking out the rock buggie that Doug races in Mexico.


The Minority Racer

Great to see that el Caliman is still rocking in GTO, This guy is a legend!

Camp ground

Christian the organizer of the Maya Rally at the team meeting

Ponce explaining about the rock crawling stage at Planet GTOROCKS.



The Minority Racer
Minority Racer enters the Maya Rally in a Jeep Speed

Katie explaining about her Philanthropy

Staging for the Maya Rally early Dec 12 in colonial Guanajuato, GTO Mexico



The Minority Racer
Shakedown in Guanajuato for Maya Rally

Shakedown and presentation downtown in the Jardin Union in Guanajuato GTO Mexico, donde no vale nada la vida!



The Minority Racer
Rockcrawling stage of the Maya Rally

Local Media covering the Maya Rally. Gracias Amigos for the interviews!

Rockcrawling stage in Planet GTOROCKS



Great pics! looks like good times! Quick question, What is the camera on your Cherokee? It looks similar to a GoPro, but not.