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I’m concidering a Taxa Tigermoth ( I am after something that will be able to handle extended trips on graded gravel roads and some basic trails. Not much for selection up in Canada that is in a reasonable price range. I think the Tigermoth should fit our needs for sometime and appears to be well engineered. Would love to hear of others experience with Taxa, especially the Tigermoth.


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Saw someone post up an expedition up the dalton highway last year with a tiger moth, it didnt make it home.. frame cracked and insurance wrote it off..

I rented a Cricket before I bought my inTech, after a week with the cricket I figured out that it far too expensive for how crappy that frame was made.. the body was pretty cool and good quality, but that foundation they put it on was garbage.. I paid less for my inTech and its got a ************ fully welded aluminum frame, torsion axles and so much more.. Taxa is gimmicky mall crawler, it looks the part.. but has no substance behind the bling.


I had a cricket and will agree that at the price point it should have a better frame. There were no problems with it but for the price I felt they could have done better there.

Overall though it was a great little camper.

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