Talk me out of a Power Wagon

Todd n Natalie

Surprisingly well, granted we were on flat ground and on the highway mostly. I’m guessing any major wind or hills or stop and go traffic it would be ruff. I got to say I was impressed with it, my friend owns one of the first ridglines and it’s been problem free. He runs a small landscaping business with it, it’s often loaded with sod, dirt, gravel, etc along with tools in the cab and one worker.
I think Hondas have a pretty good rep for reliability. My old Accord was a pretty solid car... and surprisingly quick with the V6.

Glad to hear it's working out for him. Personally not for me but, I can see why they sell. I'll be curious to see how that market does with the Maverick and Santa Cruz as well.

Anyway...on topic..... Power Wagon.....