Tailgate Lift Struts for Conqueror Compact


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I can't track down an old post where options for odd size lift struts were sourced for a Conqueror Compact. The struts support the spare tire mounted to the liftgate so they need to be substantial.

Any ideas?


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I had to order a different size from McMaster-Carr and drill a new hole..... I don't own the trailer any more, so I can't give you part numbers, but it was easy (if I did it)


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Installed... much better!

9416K21 Gas Spring with Threaded Ends, 150 Force, 26.38" Extended Length, 10.24" Stroke.

Here are my measurements trying to get it sorted out on the website:

I wanted to achieve a little bit longer lift but it didn't work out. I stepped up the length and the rated capacity.


Use a tarp stake to hold open lift gate:

Left, post-relocation:

Right, pre-relocation:

Kitchen nut:
Right Kitchen.jpg

I did have to relocate a shelf about 3" forward due to the barrel striking it during close.


Glad you worked out the strut issue. Please say more about your water pump and roof rack. I've been trying to figure out how to do the same, or at least a mount for an awning.

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Any ideas what you could have done to make the door lift higher? I hit my head and would like to cook there so thinking of having the door swing out instead. RacingJason made a cool awning bracket for his before he sold it. He is on a trip in Africa but his for sale thread might still be on here and he had photos of it.


Cross-posting this to this and my prior strut thread. I just installed the the CS2800-120 with 10mm balls from Mike at Columbia Struts <rv-trader@clearwire.net>. They work PERFECTLY. Installs cleanly with no need to relocate the balls. Raises and holds the rear gate at about 45 degrees. FINALLY a solution.

Now on to the front...again

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