Tacoma with Frontrunner Outfitters Slimline II Rack Question


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Does anyone here have a Tacoma Double Cab with the Front Runner Slimline II rack installed on the cab using their hardware? If so could you give me the measurement from the top of the bed rail to the top of the rack?

I am speaking to some local places about having a custom bed rack made and my goal is to have the top of the bed rack even with the top of the slimline II that I will eventually mount to the truck.

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Wow. Nobody has one?
Did you check with Tacomaworld?
I just ordered one but I have a shell on the bed so I don't know how accurate a measurement I could get. Buy the rack then have them make it for a perfect match.

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Yeah I am surprised that no one has answered either. I did not ask at TacomaWorld, I'm not registered there. All I need is another website to sack my productivity! :)

I pretty much came to the same conclusion as you, I'll need to get the Front Runner rack first and then I should be good to go.

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Hi, I have the slimline II installed on my 2014 Tacoma both on the cab and my Lear topper. Front runner installed them using spacers to get them to align up. My truck is in the shop having dual batteries, ham radio, & some other electrical stuff done so I cannnot do any measurements.