Tacoma mod: Dual battery and power management


American Adventurist
Installed the IBS dual battery management system and dual Optima batteries. Thanks to Will of Sierra Expeditions for the inspiration by his installation, "walk-through" at OX10, and the smoking hot deal on the system. Also, special thanks to Vince and his mad fab-skills at Iron Pig Off Road for the expert installation of the dual batteries. This is where I learn time and again that there aren't easy off-the-shelf solutions and no substitute for custom fabrication and installation (yes Cam - you are right).

In the cab I wanted a spot for an unobtrusive location but with a close to OEM appearance. I chose the area where the clock is located... it's not like you can ever see it when you're driving and between watch, GPS, and cell phone I have enough chronometers anyway. Note the in-cab winch controller below the E-brake, too.

After routing the wiring through the firewall I fabbed a bracket from sheet metal and mounted it to an existing bolt and mount and atttached the solenoid and RBM unit to it. This allowed for space to attach and manage the wiring a little better since mounting it to the firewall and that confined space left little room for human digits and tools to maneuver.

Next, is Vince's custom fabrication of the battery mount at IPOR. He started with a custom sized base plate that is mounted to the fender bracket with 4 nutserts and flat head screws - way more solid foundation than the OEM plastic base plate (sorry, no pics). That followed with the top mount secured at 3 points from the top with 2 J-hook-bolts and the OEM front grill location. MIL-SPEC battery clamps used for connections. Note the relocation of the radiator overflow tank... OEM mount spot weld drilled out, removed and relocated to the side J-hook and welded to that bolt.

Finally, from an earlier installation by Vince, the Blue-Sea Fuse Block and ARB compressor bracket where power distribution to other auxiliary power requirements are performed.

Now my ARB fridge and other power demands are satisfied.



Awesome... I wish IPOR was closer to me or sold the dual battery mount as a kit. I will have to mount them the same way since I have the ABS system. Guess I'll be copying their work.


Thanks for the images of the battery monitor in the Tacoma's clock position. I've thought about that for a while, and I'm happy to see someone way ahead of me on that.

Very nice looking installation.