Tacoma double cab long bed ??

Desert Dan

How are people doing with their Tacoma double cab long bed trucks?

I like the 4 Door Tacos but I'm not sure about the the short bed version.

How do you manage with the wheelbase and turning radius and off road use etc.?


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overall its not that bad. I went from a 97 wrangler to a 06 longbed double cab. I take it up my property all the time. Really, I think i will be very comfortable once i put some armor on the thing. But offroad wise I have found that it is alright and will even handle extremely eroded logging trails with minimal scraping. Throw a small lift on with armor and you'll have a great rig you'll love.


My Tacoma is an 09 I've had since new in January 09. I've never had problems with it being too big on the two tracks and other roads around NV while hunting. Actually, most of the time I feel like the truck is too small but does get around good in the hills. I am used to driving full size trucks around on the same roads so the Tacoma seems very easy to manuver. All I have done is add a full OME lift, ARB bumper, winch, headache rack, and Toyo MT tires.


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After two years with mine, I have never said "man, I wish I had a shorter wheelbase". The double cab was a necessity for me, and the 6.25' bed is really useful. Definitely worth it IMO. But, I grew up learning to drive in a full size suburban, so I might be a bit skewed.