Tacoma DIY bed slide


tired of searching for a resonably priced bed slide i figured i would just build my own. I did not want to pay 800+ for a bed slide, also couldnt find anything used locally either.

looked at a bunch of different deisgnes and figured for what i want a single slide setup would work.

parts list so far
  • 3/4" x 2" bearings (8) $30
  • C Channel steel 20ft $25
  • random scraps of steel $20ish
  • pine cabinet plywood $32
  • Solid spacers to adapt the bearings from 3/4" ID to 3/8" $4
  • Bolts $10

started with making the basic frame. from front to back and full width between the wheel wells. this was made with two 5ft pcs of the C channel, some flat plate for the front and square tubing on the back.

then drilled the last two 57" pieces of C channel and drilled some off set holes for the bearings to bolt to. 4 bearings per side with more towards the back to help better support the weight when pulled out.

and with the front cap welded on, after doing this i really should have cut it longer so there was some overhang to hide the bearings. but oh well lol. with it pulled out 75% there are still 4 bearings supporting it. i can put my full weight on it with no bend (230lbs)

and with the plywood sitting on it. I have it bolted up now.

next up is adding some handles, better way to tie things down it it, and a lock to keep it shut. but almost done. now just waiting for some parts to show up.
I am also adding in a few more center supports


man, nobody likes this? lol
and done.

and installed.
nice flush mount track and a alu lip all the way around. should work out well.

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Nice work! Any kind of stop to prevent the whole thing from coming out?

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yea, totally forgot to take a pic. there are 3 cross bars and two are notched to clear the stop then it stops so there are still 4 bearings holding the load.


weight i would say around 150-175 as i was able to pick it up and install it myself.
2 channel was 2". just what ever they had at the local steel place.
bearings are here

and a pic of the bottom, you can see the cross braces and the notches for the stop. and dont worry about the color, i was just trying to use up some random spraypaint i had laying around, after that coat it got a coat of black lol


So i'm assuming then that you got 2" OD C channel? With .120 wall? Which would give you an inner dia of 1.76, so your 1.75" bearings clearance the track with 0.10"?

Does it droop down when you pull the bed slide out?



Yea i believe so, i cant find my invoice, but can try to measure tonight. I remember going to the metal store and looking at the 2" channel then measuring it (as it tapers in) then finding cheap bearings that best fit.

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