Tacoma aluminum Pop-up


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Updates? How is it holding up? I'd love to see more pictures of this including the interior.


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X3 - I got excited when I saw this thread back up at the top..... was hoping miniorf had returned with some updates.......

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Fantastic build! I wish someone made this type of camper shell for my Tacoma - just what I have been looking for. I personally would prefer fiberglass, but aluminum is good.

OP, you really should think about making a few of these.


I'd like more information on what you did for a forming die for your bender. I'd like to make one of these for my Sierra 1500.


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Version 1.0

This is extremely helpful! I am in the planning stages of my own build. Did you consider doing a T-top style? If so, what made you decide not to do it?

How has the insulation held up? Any moisture issues? I built my first pop truck topper last year (version 1.0) and after learning a lot and spending a year in it, I'm ready to build version 2.0.

1.0 was not a cab over, and as a result, had really limited space for 2 avid runners to sleep plus all of our gear, etc. It was basically just a place to sleep. I'll try and attach some photos. I want to keep some elements of it but in version 2.0 I'm going to weld a frame rather than the 2x2s that I used on this one. I'm thinking of a T-top so that there is more sleeping room in the loft area (cab over) but have not found a ton of advice out there as far as how to hinge it, so may end up with something like yours.


Ill have to tell Miniorf to get back to posting, I believe he is somewhere wandering around Spain as he was captaining a sailboat in corsica all fall for work. As far as I know its holding up great and is hanging out in Mass while he is away. Ill tell him there is interest back here..


Awesome build man I have been designing something very similar glad I stumbled upon this thread gives me more motivation to make it happen


amazing build and a great narrative to go along with it. I'll look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future.

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I just found this thread linked in Pinterest under "Camper trailers". An unexpected but totally pleasant find! First, as so many have already done, I wish to express my awe in what you have been able to accomplish. Beautiful piece of work!

I have recently been toying with ideas of how in increase the living space in our 1975 Volvo TGB11 without making any changes that would be considered permanent. A roof mounted Westy type pop-top mounted to the roof using the original Volvo roof hatch seems to be my best option. The Volvo's roof already has multiple integral mounting points so securing a large panel of aluminum 5-bar plate as the top's floor would be no problem.

Just a couple questions at this point. What is the overall height/thickness of the pop-top directly over the cab section of the truck in its closed position? While your hinges are works of art and appear very sturdy, if you ever consider just using a pair of original hinges from a Westfalia top?

Once again, very beautiful and inspiring work.
Take care.

Jim Molloy
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Sheridan, Oregon

and a couple of videos from Northwest MogFest 2017