Tacoma aluminum Pop-up


Bummer... none of your recent photos are showing up in your post. Maybe too big of files? I don't know but I want to see those for sure. Snow or no snow, there is always something cool to check out and always a place to sleep with a custom pop top.
Photos aren't working for me either.


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Pics arent working for me either. Love this build man, I've read through it three times over the past few months and it really makes me want to sell my xterra and get a taco. Keep up the good work! Glad you're getting some awesome trips in!


Photos still aren't working for me...

This is an wesome build. i'll echo what others have said; I admire your creativity and willing to give it a go. Can't believe someone doesn't manufacture this already, but if I trade the 4runner for a truck it will definitely be getting one of these. I had been looking for playing around with a design of something similar for a while, but this is a cleaner / simpler execution. Any chance you have any better photos of how you attached the canvas? Looking for both around the inside rim of the pop up as well as the bottom to the aluminum shell. Did you build up a lip at all? Velcro? Any leakage over the nights / snow / rain you've been in? Anything you would have done differently?


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Did you ever come up with a solution to keep the overhanging part of the camper from rubbing on the truck roof? Maybe you did and I just missed it. Either way, slick idea!


Had an amazing trip this winter out west, unfortunately my timing was not in sync with the big storms that rolled though the this winter. I had a few great days on Teaton pass but instead of waiting for the next system I took advantage of the high pressure and headed down to the dessert in Utah. Here are some of the highlights with the truck. Most of the sweet shots are complements of boll_rig
Man, you have to set this photos to public so we can all see them!!! Or upload them directly to Expedition Portal. Dying to see more of this thing in action!


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outstanding build

This is literally my first post on ExPo. I've lurked for years. This is EXACTLY the design that I've searched to find and wondered why nobody has built, particularly on commercial scale.

Please keep us informed and send more photos! I need to build something similar for my full size pickup.

hope the road has treated you well.