Tacoma aluminum Pop-up


Nice job! I would definitely shim the bed rails to clear the cab, I guess you would have to put a pc at the bottom of the doors
Did you use a spoolgun?


Hey now, that's very nice. Thanks for showing it to us. I too would like to know what sort of welder you used.


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I think shims may be in order when wheeling but i hope is ok for the time being... As far as welding I have a miletmatic 180 with there spool gun, the thin stuffs tough but anything thicker than 1/8" is easy.

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Dave Bennett

I see a combination of many breeds of pop up campers. Epic idea and build!
Yes. Makes one wonder WTH current shell makers (Leer, ARE, Snugtop) are thinking and why they dont grab this low hanging fruit and bring things like this to market. It kills me how myopic the American RV and shell/topper industry is!

But back to the OP - more interior pics!


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I don't have the best pictures on my comp at the moment, but here is a few more...

here is where I wedged the LP, the plywood is only to stabilize the tank while I had it jacked up in place and fabing the front and rear brackets

Here is the cab over bed pulled fully out

and here is the lighting and a sweet tapestry i threw up there, there are 4 small cabin lights with LED bulbs, and a center bar that I use to raise and lower the top that has LED strip lighting. With all the lights on you have way more light than you would ever need and draw about 1.5 amps.
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can't take credit for the hinges or the canvas work, my moms got a nack for that type of stuff. The hinges were drawn up in solid works to meet my exact specs by a good friend. Idono if this will help any of you guys out there but here are the tec drawings... these type of hinges are super finicky.



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