Tacoma aluminum Pop-up


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I'm looking for the lift mechanism you used for the top. Where did you source that?
Or, did you engineer and fabricate on your own? If so can we talk about if you would be willing to share that info.


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I am a toolmaker/fabricator by trade and have been looking for months at ways to convert my series IIa rover to pop top. This is gold, the missing piece I needed. I am going to start building this hinge this week and start laying it all out. I will probably ly make a cap for my 2500hd first to try it all out while I get the rover working. Here's a pic I found what I want.



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Totally inspired by this build! Amazing job for sure and something to be proud of no doubt! Going to pick up the perfect utility top to basically try to replicate something like this on my Ford Ranger! Can’t wait! Step one is getting this used top! Gonna be fun!