Tacoma 16" wheels on Gen 3.5

This is my friend's 03 montero.
16" Tacoma wheels fit on, but the front wheel barely contacted the brake caliper carrier. A generic spacer from o'reilley fixed that issue. Offset seems to be better than the stock wheels. Tires are 265/75/16. No lift.



Nice those are also on third gen 4runners. Here's mine with steelies:

Offset is so much better.

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Those are some cool pics those wheels are not too bad either. Good info considering all of the Toyota wheels on the used parts market. (Mini thread-hijack.... The 265-75-16 tires don't rub at all correct? I am due for tires and I think I will go for those on my 03 with no lift...) What location are you guys at?

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